While we are confident in our school and our approach to getting you the education you need to become a real estate professional, don’t let us do all the talking. Here are some reviews from our current and past students.

  • “Deb is an excellent instructor. She cares about making sure we get the information we need and doesn’t waste time on the stuff we don’t. I was able to take the exam with confidence knowing I knew the answers.” – M. Smith
  • “Deb was an awesome instructor! Everything she does there’s a reason for.. She made everything so simple but still made it challenging and that’s what’s needed to pass the exam. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – S. Nickels
  • “Deb was an AWESOME trainer!! Very knowledgeable and very sincere!! 💙” – Tammy
  • “Deb was great!” – Myra L.
  • “Deb was a fabulous teacher at the Grand Rapids office. I’d highly recommend you take the class and have her help you prepare for the test! Took the class in one week and took the test the following Tuesday and passed!”- Adam S.

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2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Donald Dowland

    Deb and her staff were absolutely amazing! Deb is a thorough, attentive, caring, qualified teacher that has a burning desire to help all of her students earn their real estate license.
    She has become my mother within the realtor industry. She reached out to me when she didn’t have to, she has checked in on me consistently to ensure I make the best informed decisions with my career, and she has gone above and beyond what any previous instructor/teacher of mine ever has.
    She is a sincere and genuine woman and her staff is a reflection of her.


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